A Logo is Not a Brand

May 12, 2016

by Kim Stangle

A brand is a promise you make to your stakeholders.  It’s delivering on who you say you are as an organization, person or otherwise.  A logo is the identifiable part of that brand, but it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have much else to do with how you operate or the promises you make.

That said it’s remarkable to me how vocal people are when companies unveil new logos.  When social networking behemoth, Instagram, introduced a new suite of logos for their products yesterday, the Internet revolted.  But, don’t you wonder exactly why they revolted?  The user experience inside the popular app only changed slightly—for the better, if you ask me.  But, still we complain.

While it’s the redesign that spawned a thousand memes, their approach was thoughtful and their execution was deliberate.  For that reason alone, I’m going to refrain from criticism.

The Qualman Effect

September 20, 2011

by Roger Pynn

Socialnomics Founder Erik Qualman is modest.

In sharing yet another gem, he makes no mention of the fact that this video proves the power of his brand.  The folks at the University of East Anglia in the UK did a marvelous job of telling the story of how brand power has shifted to the end user … and they did it by “borrowing” the compelling Web video style that has drawn millions of followers to Qualman.

I guess that means he proved their point.

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