Friday Finds | September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012

by Kim Taylor

Here’s a collection of the neat things I found on the Web this week:

Pitch Pinning” – Combines Pinterest with Pitch Engine to give your news release a social layer.

Smore – Smore is to fliers (note the correct spelling) what Weebly is to websites … a great turnkey solution for quick-turnaround projects.

What Bill Clinton wrote vs. what Bill Clinton said” – This is simply fascinating for any speech writer or communicator and a heck of a lot of ad-libbing.

The Wall Street Journal’s WorldStream – Don’t think video is important to journalists?  Think again.

Typography is all around us and now there’s an app for that.  Enter,

Irrive is described as a social scrapbook.  It streamlines all of your check-ins, photos, status updates, etc. into one easily shareable place.  File Under:  Why didn’t I think of that.

And, just for fun … this is a pretty genius solution for separating the egg yolk from the egg white.  Bonus points if you can actually understand her.

Hate to Pester? Try Humorous Reminders

August 27, 2010

by Kerry Martin

We all have to do it.  Send a “gentle” reminder e-mail to request something, follow-up with a phone call on that favor you asked for, and even ask your boss to mention it when he sees them in person.  I hate having to pester people when I need something, which is why I always look for another way to change my tone or soften my request on repeated points of contact.

Thanks to the familiarity and informal language prevalent in social media and trendy internet-based programs, I’ve seen more and more examples of using humor as a means of deflecting annoying reminder e-mails—and even turning them into friendly correspondences.

After experimenting with a Weebly build-it-yourself website (as I described in a previous post), I left my Web page project dormant for a while.  That’s when I found this funny message in my inbox:

Their sincere follow-up email was so endearing, I couldn’t forget about my project. I’ve held on to the email because it made such an impact, and I even go back and read through it occasionally when I want a quick giggle.

If the opportunity arises to send out a reminder to a familiar audience, why not experiment with a funny note or melodramatic plea for their cherished affections?

I’m going to give it a try—it certainly beats “Third request – PLEASE RESPOND!!!”

Build Your Own Website … For Free!

August 9, 2010

by Kerry Martin

Remember when Microsoft Publisher came out and everyone could call themselves a graphic designer? Now, thanks to more and more free online services, you can add “Website Developer” to your résumé as well.

Blog publishing applications like WordPress dominate the Web for do-it-yourself sites, but have you tried out Weebly?  (I only just recently heard about Weebly, so forgive me for sharing this “breaking news” about the site named to Time’s 50 Best Websites … in 2007.)

Now you’re probably thinking, “Why are you talking about design stuff?”

That’s just it. I’m one of those people who thinks that because I have the capacity to functionally utilize those tools, I should be able to make a nice-looking website. Sadly though, I’ve seen the [marginal-at-best] results that come from tinkering around for hours with free template software myself, and I always regret wasting my time.

Of course there are some instances where those kinds of tools would work perfectly for a single purpose Web page. In fact it was a client who first introduced me to Weebly as a solution for creating an easy, online registration form.

But for all of those intricate Web design projects, there are always limitations to creating a unique and fresh design concept that graphically represents the message you are trying to convey.

I’ve learned from experience: when it comes to design, I trust the experts.

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