Be All You Can Be

February 1, 2011

by Kim Taylor

When I look around for examples of companies “doing” social media right, I usually think of the same few.  But lately, my interest has been piqued by an organization I hardly thought would fit the bill:  the U.S. Army.

When I think about the U.S. Army, I think M*A*S*H* not Mac, but from their decision in summer 2009 to stop blocking social networking sites to their active blog to openly sharing their social media policy, the Army proves their interest in being social is not just a passing phase.

Many times we counsel clients on the value of embracing social media, but caution them that engaging without purpose and strategy is futile.  The Army’s strategy is to “utilize all means available to reach the Army family and the American people,” recognizing that while the Army of the past was comprised of the “newspaper generation,” the future depends on how effectively they communicate with men and women ages 15 to 25.

For a look at the Army’s multifaceted approach to social media, check out one of their many social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even CNN’s iReport.

And, don’t worry, Dad, I’m still a Marine’s daughter.  Semper Fi.

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