More than Words Can Say …

December 8, 2008

by Ashley Pinder

Some people say they get into PR because they are no good in math. Well, some of us ended up in PR because we love words. Not just written – but spoken – and that’s where I find myself: I love words.

Although I don’t fit in doing The New York Times Crossword every day, I do love to be up on current events, and part of that is monitoring what new words are on the scene.

Let’s take a look at some new words of late that seem to be formed from bringing together a combination of two words.

Frenemy: not officially in the dictionary yet. It’s when two people act like friends but they actually dislike each other and many times are in competition. This word has even been used to describe the relationship between President-Elect Barack Obama and his primary rival Hillary Clinton.

Ginormous: just made the cut into the dictionary in 2007. It’s a combination of gigantic and enormous. And, boy is it fun to say.

Webinar: something we do frequently in PR to learn from industry leaders and stay on top of trends in the practice. It’s a live conference over the Internet. And in my experience, is one type of meeting that is famous for starting late due to technical problems.

And these are just a sampling.

Knowing the lingo is good business.

At Curley & Pynn, we use this type “strategery” to keep our clients ahead of the game.

(We’re crossing out fingers Merriam-Webster never puts that one in the dictionary!)

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