Take Vacation – For Everyone’s Sake

July 19, 2018

by Ellie Hodgkins

Unfortunately, more than half of America’s workers left 705 million unused vacation days on the table last year, according to Project: Time Off’s 2018 State of American Vacation report.  The primary reason?  They fear returning to a mountain of work.

While sacrificing time off may seem like a great way to get ahead, the research indicates workers who took 11 or more vacation days were more likely to have received a raise or a bonus in the previous three years than workers who took 10 or fewer days.  Additionally, taking more vacation time leads to greater productivity.  In fact, you can thank vacation time for the creation of Instagram and Hamilton.

Leaders should encourage their teams to make a strategic vacation plan, including a plan for delegating tasks while they are out of the office.  This reduces the likelihood of “work martyrdom” and ensures employees get the most of their time off without negatively impacting the business.

Luckily, Curley & Pynn offers a generous vacation policy that affords us each time to relax, unplug and check items off our personal to-do lists.  Just this summer, our team members have enjoyed theme park thrills, visited loved ones in other states and countries, and bummed it at the beach – and our office has not (yet) burned down.

Thanks to our clients and colleagues for supporting this much-needed rest and relaxation.  We encourage you to do the same!

Alex go-carting with Oklahoma friends in Alabama.

Connie flying solo to Houston, Texas.

Kacie and her husband Juan visiting “The Bean” on their trip to Chicago in June.

Ellie setting sail on a Bahamian cruise.

Liz and her sister taking a break to think things through at Universal Orlando Resort.

Karen visiting friends and her former host family in Rodadero Beach, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Bailey catching up with family at their Atlanta reunion in June.

The view from Dan’s rental home, billed as “Heaven’s Balcony.”

Roger and his wife Shelley in Monte Carlo.  “Time off should be mandatory!  Vacations refresh the soul.”

Heather’s daughter meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time.  “Vacations are about capturing special moments that live on in your heart.”

A Logo is Not a Brand

May 12, 2016

by Kim Stangle

A brand is a promise you make to your stakeholders.  It’s delivering on who you say you are as an organization, person or otherwise.  A logo is the identifiable part of that brand, but it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have much else to do with how you operate or the promises you make.

That said it’s remarkable to me how vocal people are when companies unveil new logos.  When social networking behemoth, Instagram, introduced a new suite of logos for their products yesterday, the Internet revolted.  But, don’t you wonder exactly why they revolted?  The user experience inside the popular app only changed slightly—for the better, if you ask me.  But, still we complain.

While it’s the redesign that spawned a thousand memes, their approach was thoughtful and their execution was deliberate.  For that reason alone, I’m going to refrain from criticism.

Crowdsourcing the Earth

April 23, 2014

by Kim Taylor

Far and away one of the greatest aspects of social media is the simple act of discovery.  I had one of those discovery moments yesterday while scrolling through my Instagram feed.

I saw a post from Instagram about a user who shared an experience of spotting a piece of garbage on the ground while on a walk with his daughter.  Instead of just tossing the garbage in the nearest trash can—or walking by as many people would—it sparked an idea to use social media to reduce littering.

Enter litterati.  It’s easy:  spot a piece of trash, snap a picture of it with your phone, upload it to Instagram and tag it #litterati, and then throw the item away.

Litterati already has 11,539 users on Instagram.  If those users picked up just one piece a trash a week they’d clean up more than 600,000 pieces of garbage a year.

The call to action is simple, but the impact is huge.

What simple change did you make on Earth Day?

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