Taking Aim at Florida’s Budget Crisis

August 25, 2008

by Dan Ward

An excellent editorial in today’s St. Petersburg Times, and other editorials printed around the state in the past couple of weeks, take aim at Florida’s growing budget crisis and call upon the state Legislature to take bold action.

Highlighted in these editorials is a unique coalition of agencies that represent children and families, seniors and all taxpayers in between … Florida’s People – Florida’s Promise.

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In the interest of full disclosure, our firm represents one of the group’s founders and has been involved in planning and promoting the initiative, which seeks to protect Florida’s most vulnerable citizens from additional across-the-board budget cuts.

Though the group’s mission and message are important, I think the lesson to be drawn for communicators lies in the decision-making process behind the group’s formation.

We often think in terms of identifying the target and taking aim with the right message (our weapon of choice). Hence the name of our blog. But when tracking truly big game — and Legislators overseeing a more than $60 billion budget certainly apply — we also need to remember that the most successful big game hunters work as a team.

That’s what the Florida’s People group is doing. After competing for years for dwindling budget dollars, the founding organizations – including Children’s Home Society of Florida, AARP and others – decided to stand and fight together. Since that time, more than 50 additional organizations have joined the team.

As the cacophony of another Legislative session draws near, their message has a much greater chance of being heard above the din. For the sake of Florida’s future, we should all hope that it is.

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