Taking Aim by the Numbers

July 12, 2018

by Karen Kacir

Ten years ago this month, Curley & Pynn launched Taking Aim.  Here’s a quick look at our blog by the numbers:


A Leave-Behind that Won’t Get Left Behind!

August 30, 2010

by Dionne Aiken

When Curley & Pynn VP and social media enthusiast Kim Taylor approached me a few days ago to create a leave-behind for a lecture on blogging I was clueless.  We were short on two things:  time and budget.  All I knew was that it needed to be eye-catching and memorable.   We took a step back and put on our thinking caps to “see the big picture.”  We started to think through the concept of a leave-behind.  The end result needed to be something memorable that would serve as a reminder, and also a useful reference tool that consumers could walk away with and keep after the lecture.

Given the limited time and budget, I could’ve just created some fancy 8.5 x 11 handout and called it a day.  But, handouts are too commonplace and unless you’re a student or you just so happen to travel with a binder or some oversized planner, one of two things were bound to happen:

  1. The handout will get folded into tiny squares and shoved into a deep dark pocket or purse only to be found later shredded to pieces in the laundry, or
  2. The handout will get thrown into the trashcan as soon as the chance is had and when no one is looking.

We wanted people to hold onto it, not get rid of it or destroy it.  Evidently the handout was not the solution in this instance.

So what then is the ultimate leave-behind?  A business card.

After Kim and I talked this through a bit more, the solution became “clear.”  An accordion-folded business card that when folded down slipped neatly in a clear sleeve for protection.  Through the sleeve you can see the title on one side, flip it over and you can see basic contact information.  Open it up and the tips are presented as the “Who, What, Where, When, Why and Hows of blogging.”

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By taking into account consumer behavior and usability we were able to create a leave behind that won’t get left behind.

The result – good design, where form and function meet in the middle.

Click here to download your free copy of the “Who, What, Where, When, Why and Hows of blogging.”

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