A Sense of Urgency

by Kim Stangle

Customer Service is a topic that’s been written about ad nauseam, but no matter how much we read, it always seems worth it.  Sort of like when you get that extra nudge to drink at least eight glasses of water a day—you’ve heard it before, but the reminder is always welcome.

When we talk about customer service, we’re often focusing on the way we’re treated by other service professionals … did the server smile when she took my drink order or was that product I mistakenly bought returned without a hassle.  Beyond friendliness, one thing that defines good customer service is whether a business and its employees operate with a general sense of urgency.
nullThink for a moment about a time when you were in a store with four or five employees in sight, but only one actually doing the work.  Or at a deli counter with a line of customers 10-deep and the slowest-moving sandwich maker you’ve ever seen.

A sense of urgency doesn’t necessarily translate to literal actions. Even if you can’t get to your customer that second, they should have the feeling that if you could, you would.

Do your customers or clients feel like you operate with a general sense of urgency?  If not, what could you do to improve?

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