Elementary, My Dear Watson

by Kim Stangle

No, not that Watson.  IBM is at it again.  Marketers, writers, business communicators, rejoice!  Now the same supercomputer that beat Ken Jennings on “Jeopardy” is going to help you analyze the tone of your written communication.

IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer takes the text you provide and analyzes it using a scorecard approach.  The Analyzer provides insights about the tone of your text’s emotional, social and writing/style along with an explanation of which word fits with which tone.  If that weren’t enough, it’ll even suggest alternate words to help you more effectively communicate your desired message.

We probably shouldn’t need a computer to help accurately convey the tone of our messages, but IBM makes a business case for it by pointing out that marketing and PR teams could use the service to “automatically assess the tone reflected in the various marketing messages, media mentions and announcements of competitors, or their own companies to flag the ones that need special attention. “

Frankly, I’d be satisfied if the Analyzer could help me detect the sarcasm in emails from my brother.

3 Responses to Elementary, My Dear Watson

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