What Do You Say?

by Roger Pynn

I gave a talk titled “Old Ethics, New Media” at a media summit hosted last week by the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.  My premise was simple.  There is absolutely no difference in ethical decision-making for PR people when it comes to traditional vs. new media.

We reviewed a number of high-profile situations where governments, businesses and people made bad judgements … from the currently raging FIFA soccer scandal to the NFL/New England Patriot #Deflategate drama to ABC Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos’ questionable treatment of his donations to the Clinton Foundation to the continuing saga of managing editor and NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.

I took a poll and asked the nearly 100 attending whether:

  1. Brian Williams is toast and should look for a new job?
  2. Brian Williams deserves a second chance in the chair?
  3. NBC is having really bad heartburn over what to do?

It was divided between #1 and #3.

My prediction was that Brian Williams is damaged goods and NBC cannot afford to put him back on the Nightly News.  Then today comes this story predicting you won’t see him in the anchor chair again.

One Response to What Do You Say?

  1. […] We talked last week about NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams’ fate and today we learn that the network has seen what most observers said … he is damaged goods.  But the network has done what I had hoped.  They found a way to give him a second chance. […]

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