Utilize an Artisan Curator

by Kim Taylor

Words are a funny thing in 2015.  Between texts, Twitter and the Apple watch, we’re constantly trying to find ways to say more with less.  The transition from “your” to “UR” isn’t only reserved for teenagers—I’ve read countless texts and tweets from adults that prove otherwise.

But, at the same time we’re downsizing our vocabulary, we also seem hell-bent on overcomplicating it.  Remember when the only curator you knew worked in a museum?  Now, you can’t just create content, you must curate it.

An artisan was typically associated with craftsmanship, but now even McDonald’s has hijacked the term for a chicken sandwich—surely about as far away from the intended meaning as anything could be.

When it comes to word selection, don’t utilize words you think will make you sound smarter. Instead, use simple words to say smarter things.


3 Responses to Utilize an Artisan Curator

  1. davidjhinson says:

    Reblogged this on Logorrhea and commented:
    Great post from Kim Taylor, on keeping messaging simple.

  2. I am long-winded; I’m told, when speaking. This carries over into e-mails, face book posts, ect. I agree that I should learn the “NEW” written word, but I must argue that interpretation of these notes can very often lead to disastrous results. Wish me luck, while I venture forth.

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