Media Crystal Balls

by Roger Pynn

I got an invitation today to a webinar titled “Using Big Data to Predict the Biggest Nights in Entertainment.”  It asked, “Can media intelligence forecast a winner?”

We’ve long known that media love what we call “crystal ball stories” and we encourage our clients to give us insights that we can share with media … things our clients know that reporters haven’t heard yet and readers would love to know.

In this era where big data rules, some think that media have gone overboard in trying to predict winners … elections come to mind where people on the West Coast often feel disenfranchised as networks predict winners before their polls are even closed.

But when it comes to entertainment … who will win a Grammy, an Oscar or the Super Bowl, using big data for a prediction seems to be the equivalent of Las Vegas bookies setting the odds.  Let’s face it … it’s fun.

Picking winners has become an art form for our client Electronic Arts, where the “scientists” at EA Tiburon in Maitland use the wealth of data from their best-selling Madden NFL franchise to run simulations of Super Bowl matchups and regularly pick winners.

What’s in your crystal ball?

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