Don’t Make Me Look

by Roger Pynn

Sitting Friday morning in a client meeting and seeing an email pop up on my phone with the subject line “Are you picking me up at the airport?” jolted me into that “oh, no … what have I forgotten?” mode.  Excusing myself by saying “I’m sorry, but I see an urgent message,” I scooted out of the meeting only to read “I’m only ½ kidding.  You don’t need to pick me up at the airport, but you do need to be at the CEO Workshop Tuesday morning.”

So Jim Muehlhausen at Business Model Institute must have thought himself pretty clever.  Made me look.

Well, Jim, you also made me mad … enough to out you for a stupid email marketing practice … enough to ensure I’ll never buy one of your books or seminars.  Your website indicates you’re a CPA with a law degree and in your video you say you’re a lifelong entrepreneur, have written two books and you “started a bunch of businesses.”

What you clearly haven’t learned is that effective marketing involves honest communication and is respectful of the person you are trying to communicate with.

But you’re not alone, Jim.  Inboxes are full of chum that gets past spam as guys like you chop up crappy waste and throw it overboard hoping someone will bite.  Hopefully, however, someone will read this and be reminded that if your workshop was worth anything you’d have invested in honest, thoughtful, tasteful content that made me think you could teach me something.

And Jim … you don’t wait until Friday to make your first attempt to sell people on a Tuesday workshop that would have required me to make a 90-minute drive.  And, by the way … your link to the registration site was broken.  #Fail.

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