To the Extremes

by Kim Taylor

I think I missed the memo where it said that if you aren’t doing some sort of extreme work experiment, nobody will believe how tough it is to do your job.

First, I read this Newsweek post from writer Zach Schonfeld, where he led readers through the weeklong journey of reading and answering every PR pitch he received.  I’ll save you the time:  he received a lot, some were good and some were not.  Thanks, Zach, you’ve really enlightened us.

And, then yesterday I caught wind of this piece from Fast Company on saying no.  Unlike Newsweek, the staff at Fast Company is saying no to “everything” for a week to “get more done.”   Sure, we’re all guilty of interjecting ourselves where we could’ve easily bowed out.  And, no doubt we could all use a little more discipline in the art of saying no.

But, just how realistic are these experiments?  Not very realistic at all.

We run a public relations agency serving clients in numerous capacities.  We’re fielding requests from clients, media and partners all day long.  But you know what?  That’s our job.  One we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the clients we serve.

I, for one, am grateful for those opportunities and don’t need some hair-brained extreme work challenge to remind me to re-prioritize every now and then.

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