First Rule of Public Relations: Do the Right Thing

by Dan Ward

Those who work at Curley & Pynn are often reminded of their responsibility to lead in their profession and lead in the community.

I’m glad to say that we have many here who do both.  My colleague Kerry Martin, APR, begins today as president of our local chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, for which Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC, will serve as state president in 2015/2016.  Our team serves on boards and committees for both professional associations and charitable organizations.  I’m proud to serve as a board member for the American Red Cross Mid-Florida Region.

Such involvement is almost always among our recommendations to clients, as well.  Leading in one’s profession and in the community is a critical component of public relations.

But why do we really do it?  What makes it important?

Yesterday morning, the Red Cross directors met a young woman named Shaneka, a mother of three who had been living in a car with her family until that car and all her family’s belongings were destroyed in a fire.

The Red Cross and its volunteers found temporary housing, provided clothing and meals, established relationships with a potential employer, and provided ongoing assistance and counseling to Shaneka in her time of need.  And Shaneka was so touched by that experience that she took a bus across town just to say thank you to a volunteer board made up of people she had never met, and to express her intention to give back as a volunteer to help others.

When we advise our staff and clients to lead in their communities, there is certainly an element of enlightened self-interest.  It allows you to build beneficial relationships.  It creates opportunities for business development and professional development.

But the real reason?  Because it makes you feel good.

One Response to First Rule of Public Relations: Do the Right Thing

  1. […] I recently wrote about the First Rule of Public Relations: Do the Right Thing (hat tip to Frank Stansberry).  The rule is a good reminder that what you do is much more important than what you say. […]

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