Do Typos Really Matter?

by Kim Taylor

Last week was quite a week for words.

Nationally, we saw the good:  a tie between a 13- and 14-year-old in the Scripps Spelling Bee and the bad: a typo on the FRONT PAGE of The New York Times (the horror!).

Locally, we saw the ugly.  Winter Park High School made headlines—not for their outstanding sports programs or “A rating”—but for their 2014 yearbook, which the Orlando Weekly aptly named a ‘grammatical train wreck.’

Principal Tim Smith cited the mid-year hiring of a new yearbook advisor as one of the reasons why typos abound, also mentioning that the pages were sent to the publisher without any proofreading.  As luck would have it, WPHS had the foresight to include this nifty E&O Statement on their yearbook order form.

EOSo, what do you think?  Do typos really matter?

One Response to Do Typos Really Matter?

  1. E L Guttmann says:

    Absolutely! It drives me crazy when I see typos in newspapers and on TV…..people in the business of journalism should know (and do) better, and that includes high school newspapers and yearbooks.

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