Uh … Thank you?

by Kim Taylor

Email targeting is a great way to segment your audience particularly if, like Shutterfly, you have many products that appeal to different demographics.  But, missing that target is so dangerous for your brand that you’d better make sure your data is flawlessly accurate.

Sure, it’s funny to get an AARP mailer just after your 30th birthday, but it’s not the tiniest bit funny to receive an email like this if you have not just had a baby or worse, are struggling to have one.  I’m not personally offended by receiving it even though it’s pitifully off the mark, but I can only empathize with so many women in the struggling category who didn’t need one more painful reminder.  Shutterfly

One Response to Uh … Thank you?

  1. […] write often here about targeted marketing, and occasionally, marketing that misses the target.  But missing the target by 1,000+ miles?  Now that’s […]

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