Retiring Minds Want to Know

by Roger Pynn

Today, with absolutely no interest in retiring, I joined the quarter million Americans who turn 65 each month.  But last week I was drawn to this story on “What Baby Boomers’ Retirement Means for the U.S. Economy” because I’m intrigued by why people want to call it quits.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn much about why people decide to hang it up when they hit that magical age we were told is time to retire.  It did, however, tell me that people who retire contribute less to the economy … so I guess I’ll be doing my part if I keep working.

But if I had to venture a guess, I’d say that those who retire the minute they can collect Social Security and Medicare benefits do so more because of the lack of a challenge at work than the promise of more fun at home with guaranteed income and health care.

If you love what you do, the thought of giving up the satisfaction of accomplishment is scary … not to mention that at home my real boss has a “honey do” jar that would motivate anyone to stay working.

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