Crowdsourcing the Earth

by Kim Taylor

Far and away one of the greatest aspects of social media is the simple act of discovery.  I had one of those discovery moments yesterday while scrolling through my Instagram feed.

I saw a post from Instagram about a user who shared an experience of spotting a piece of garbage on the ground while on a walk with his daughter.  Instead of just tossing the garbage in the nearest trash can—or walking by as many people would—it sparked an idea to use social media to reduce littering.

Enter litterati.  It’s easy:  spot a piece of trash, snap a picture of it with your phone, upload it to Instagram and tag it #litterati, and then throw the item away.

Litterati already has 11,539 users on Instagram.  If those users picked up just one piece a trash a week they’d clean up more than 600,000 pieces of garbage a year.

The call to action is simple, but the impact is huge.

What simple change did you make on Earth Day?

2 Responses to Crowdsourcing the Earth

  1. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for spreading the Litterati movement. And you’re so right, imagine if we all just picked up one piece a day. Collectively, we’d create a significant impact.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. cat says:

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