Is It Worth the Hype?

by Kim Taylor

How does a newspaper stay relevant in a dying business?  (No, this not a trick question.)

At the Orlando Sentinel, you create a network … or portal if you will … of local bloggers.  Nothing about this concept is new, though, just maybe new to the Sentinel.

Hypeorlando, a website owned and operated by the Sentinel, promises to be the place “where Orlando blogs.”  They accept pitches from both established and would-be bloggers and decide based on the pitch whether to crown the blogger with the coveted title of hypeorlando blogger.  As I scrolled through the directory, however, it’s fairly easy to assume that the qualifying parameters are far from strict.

I immediately looked for some of my favorite Orlando bloggers to see if they’d hopped aboard the hype train, but I could only find one.   The site launched just a couple weeks ago, so sparseness is to be expected.   But, then I wondered whether it would be useful for this blog or my personal blog and headed over to the FAQs.

Some interesting head-scratchers:

-If you already have an established blog, you are not permitted to double-post content from your blog to your hypeorlando blog.  I get this.  They say it’s to please Google, but let’s be honest, why would someone read your post here if they’re already reading it on your blog.

-If you want to spread the word about posts you’ve written, you are encouraged to spread the word … does that mean hypeorlando isn’t actually “hyping” Orlando?

-They will sell you ads on their site—for a fee, of course.

While I’m all about growth in social media, especially if it spreads the word about Orlando, my takeaway from hypeorlando is that it’d be a fine place to start your blogging career, but if you’re an established blogger with an audience that you’ve grown and cultivated, there’s little in it for you.

Have you checked out hypeorlando?

2 Responses to Is It Worth the Hype?

  1. Kim Hays says:

    Hi, Kim! I’m Kim Hays, the hypeorlando community manager. I wanted to tell you that our blog network is a great place for existing local bloggers to expand their brand.

    We know many of you guys have been blogging for years and have worked hard to gain a loyal following. hypeorlando doesn’t expect you to throw that away and come running over to us.

    What hypeorlando DOES offer is even more exposure — we feature 5 blogs posts a day on the homepage of the (we’re talking thousands of eyeballs!), and we are also helping promote blog posts through hypeorlando’s own still-growing social media channels as well as through the Orlando Sentinel’s.

    And while some of our bloggers are new, we’re adding more and more existing bloggers all the time! Here’s some more info for existing bloggers about what hypeorlando offers:

    Thanks for checking us out!

  2. Kim Hays says:

    Well, let me fix that link. FAQs for existing bloggers interested in hypeorlando:

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