Stop, Pop and Shop It

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With our wedding only a few months away, I was growing a little nervous about the fact that my husband-to-be had yet to rent or buy a tuxedo.  But then he told me about Indochino, an online seller of custom suits, shirts, and yes, tuxedos.

We make online purchases all the time, but it’s easier to conceive returning a pair of ill-fitting shoes versus a pricey custom-made tux for your wedding.  I was a bit wary about the process, which partly depended on my ability to take accurate measurements of my fiancé.

I was relieved of this likely to be ill-fated duty when I learned about Indochino’s Traveling Tailor.  Indochino was visiting several major cities in the U.S. with pop-up shops – temporary brick and mortar locations – and Orlando was first on its 2014 tour.  My fiancé immediately registered and Indochino made the sale.

Would we have moved forward with the purchase without the expertise of the “Traveling Tailor”?  Maybe, maybe not … but the idea of pop-up shops has really stuck with me.  Not only did the shop make a difficult decision a lot easier, it also drummed up local news coverage and social media mentions.  My fiancé excitedly documented his entire experience on Facebook.

Pop-up shops are not a new idea, but often lead to a flurry of shopping and in some cases, permanent store locations.  For the right client, a pop-up shop may be the best way to test a new concept.

As an aside:  I ended up taking the tape measure in hand anyway, since our expert Traveling Tailor noted the measurements incorrectly.  Fingers crossed!

2 Responses to Stop, Pop and Shop It

  1. Lorenz says:

    I think the possibility to go to an actual store is really a decisive factor for many. Hope the suit will turn out well!

  2. Thanks. We sure hope so!

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