Advice for Executives

dward by Dan Ward

I wish former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent had shared these Ten Tips for New Executives before I took on more management responsibilities.

While I agree with nearly every point of Vincent’s opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, most people who know me well (including those who work with me) will say I have violated several of them.  It gives me hope to know that Vincent violated many of these points and still had a very successful career.

For those of us in PR, point No. 10 provides validation of what we tell clients every day.  For those who don’t work in communications, I encourage you to print this bullet point and place it where you can see it every day as a reminder:

“Never do or say anything that you would be unhappy to see written about on a newspaper front page.  In dealing with the media, avoid answering hypothetical questions, remember that the microphone is never really off, and never agree to speak ‘off the record.’  The only worthwhile public response to a crisis is honesty.”

Great advice.

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