What Shadows are You Hiding from?

kmartin by Kerry Martin

This past weekend’s Super Bowl stole all the major headlines, but the smaller news story was that Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter.  While the famous groundhog’s weather forecasts might not always be perfect, he does share a lesson for those who think they can hide from their shadows.

In any business, you’re going to run into problems, threats or full-on crises, and the most important thing to do is address them with a planned communications strategy.  Unfortunately, you’ll also run across senior managers and CEOs who take an approach that effectively hides from the problem—whether they’re denying there’s anything wrong, waiting until the situation blows over or passing to the attorneys to handle.

You need to be out in front of your issues, communicating where appropriate, taking action when it’s needed and always assuming responsibility for your mistakes.  There are plenty of other posts on this blog that offer suggestions for handling crises, and all of them advocate proactive, sincere communication.

So take it from Punxsutawney Phil … if you hide from your shadow, prepare for a long, hard winter.

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