It’s Never Too Late to Say “Thank You.”

hkeroesby Heather Keroes

If I went back and looked through several months of credit card statements, to say I frequent Chipotle would be an understatement.  Although I’ve always enjoyed the food, I never really had cause to think about the customer service one way or the other.  For the most part, I place my orders online so I can skip the line, grab my food and go, while a long lunch line of patrons look at me and probably ponder why they didn’t do the same thing.  I don’t spend much time inside Chipotle, therefore, I’m happy as long as my order is ready and prepared properly, which is usually the case.

But today, things were a little different.  My experience ordering, picking up and whisking away my food was exactly the same, but less than two hours later, I received a phone call from the location I visited.  For the first time after many years of lunchtime Chipotle visits, I was thanked for my patronage and asked about my experience.  This gave me pause to actually think about my experience.  More often than not, companies usually get the strongest feedback when customers are unhappy.  Customers neglect being quite as proactive with positive feedback or when things seem status-quo.

Today’s call made me feel just a little bit appreciated, which is a sentiment we desire all of our clients’ publics to share.  All of this, just because of a phone call.  I don’t know if this is a nationwide or local effort, but I have to say “well done” to the team at the Chipotle in Winter Park, Florida.

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