You Don’t Say

rpynnby Roger Pynn

We’ve all seen them … stories about a departing executive who “left for personal reasons” or “is leaving to pursue other opportunities.”  And we always ask “what’s the real reason?”

But when I got an email yesterday saying “We wish to announce that _________ has left” the company, it raised other questions.  There was no explanation, but instead it went straight to “we want to thank __________ for …” and then a long description of all the company’s strengths.

Was this really a “goodbye,” or was it using someone’s departure to promote the company?  Was it intended to stave off speculation about whether it had been by choice?

Sometimes it isn’t what you say … but rather what you don’t say … that people remember.  Corporate communication can be tricky and you need to be careful that you don’t appear to be playing tricks.

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