Holiday Style

ktaylorby Kim Taylor

I’m an AP Style nerd and I love the holidays, so naturally yesterday’s holiday-inspired AP Style chat (#APStyleChat) on Twitter is right in my wheelhouse.

If you’re not on Twitter (gasp!) or don’t have time to peruse the chat yourself, here are a few fun takeaways.  According to AP Style:

  1. It’s Hanukkah, not Chanukah (they’re cool with challah bread, however)
  2. Unless at the start of a sentence, lowercase happy holidays and merry Christmas (mind-blowing stuff right there)
  3. Kriss Kringle, not Kris or Chris Kringle (the Kardashians would be so proud)
  4. Santa says, Ho! Ho! Ho! (alas, it’s acceptable to use multiple exclamation points!!!)
  5. Contrary to what you may’ve seen (or heard) on “A Christmas Story,” it’s fa la la la la la la la la  … each note is lowercase and individual

Go forth, and write your holiday cards with confidence.  

(For more AP Style tips, check out this post from 2009.)

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