Pitch with a Purpose

by Vianka McConville

This article in The New York Times reminds us to pitch with a purpose as a PR practitioner.

Reporter, David Segal, details his quest to get his name and email removed from a popular PR tool due to unsolicited pitches that had nothing to do with his beat.  At the end of his column he calls for all writers to take the same necessary steps to be removed from the database and others like it.

A look into the database shows his email is in fact removed with numerous notes on his profile to this effect:  “DO NOT PITCH,” “DOES NOT WANT TO BE CONTACTED WITH PITCHES OR NEWS TIPS,” “PITCHING TIP: …DON’T.”

The situation demonstrates that just because we have the technology available to do our jobs better does not mean that we can proceed without additional research.  We must target reporters appropriately or else risk being in The New York Times for the wrong reason.

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