Get Your Head in the Game


By Vianka McConville

It’s no secret that the National Football League finds itself between a rock and a hard place with research emerging on player concussions.  Traditionally, there are two ways to work with a problem – face it or look the other way.  After being accused of attempting to keep players in the dark concerning serious health risks of the game, the NFL has no choice but to practice the former.

Player safety has been a hot news topic for more than a year and discussions are ramping up this month as retired quarterback, Brett Favre, states he already notices signs of memory loss fearing multiple hits to the head and body are to blame.  According to research, memory loss is only the beginning.

As we have seen, this situation will not blow over.

While rules have been changed to prohibit helmet-to-helmet hits and varying forms of unacceptable contact, it’s time to get ahead of the issue. The NFL continues to scramble in response to the media instead of setting the tone for the conversation.  There needs to be transparency – which is the real problem.

Until then, we can expect the media to drive the conversation, highlighting concerned players, football spectators and researchers.

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