Does This Make Scents?

by Dan Ward

Kudos to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for coming up with a headline that made me open its most recent e-Brief.

But as with some other recent online efforts of our federal government, there was a problem or two in the execution.

For one thing, “Whats That Smell?” – while catchy – is missing some important punctuation.  Perhaps copy editors fell victim to sequestration.

The story itself, which carries a different, yet still eye-grabbing, headline (Do You Smell Something?), also has a minor flaw.  The subject of the story is the threat of carbon monoxide, that colorless, odorless gas that is never the answer to questions like Whats (sic) That Smell or Do You Smell Something?

A catchy headline can be great, but this effort by FEMA was a real stinker.

Whats that Smell

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