Customer Feedback Done the Right Way

by Kim Taylor

How many times have you gotten one of those automated surveys asking about your experience at a store?  I feel like my answer to that is “a lot.” And, If I’m being completely candid, I typically only complete them for one of two reasons:  I had a terrible experience and I can’t wait to tell somebody about it, or there’s something in it for me.

Today I broke from the norm when this hit my inbox.  There was no promise of a coupon at the end and my experience with Sherwin-Williams over the past several months has been consistently good.



In fact, that last sentence was the trigger.  Consistently good service … why not reward that?  And then something cool happened.  I received a personal email response from the store manager.

Dear Kim,

My name is Ryan Davidson and I am the Manager of the Sherwin-Williams store at 1770 Semoran Blvd. Thank you for taking the time to complete our store satisfaction survey. My staff and I greatly appreciate the high ratings that you gave our store. It is very rewarding to hear that our efforts to provide outstanding service are recognized and appreciated by our customers. We look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you.

Ryan Davidson

THAT is how feedback is done!

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