Trying Too Hard

by Kim Taylor

I’ll probably never stop watching the “Today” show.  It’s part of my morning routine—so much so that if I’m not blow drying my hair by the first local news break-in at 7:26, I know I’m running behind.

Enough about my vanity …

One of the most recent permanent additions to the show is Carson Daly—who people of my generation know most from MTV’s “TRL.”  I like Carson.  In fact, I think he’s a better fit for “Today” than Ryan Seacrest—whom they previously tried to make stick.  My beef with Carson and “Today” for that matter is his segment (or studio):  the Orange Room.  When he’s in the Orange Room you can be sure it’s because he’s shoving the latest “trend” piece down your throat using myriad newfangled social media tools—everything from Instagrams and hashtags to selfies and Vines.  Nothing social media-related is off limits.

I get what they’re trying to do.  But, to me, and I’m guessing many other viewers, it comes off as contrived.  The mistake with that is social works best when it’s organic … when its use is no different than any other medium … when you read the clever tweet from Oreo and forget you just giggled at a cookie using Twitter.

I doubt Carson or his fancy Orange Room are going anywhere anytime soon, but a word of advice for the Today show:  dial it back a bit.  You’re trying too hard.  

One Response to Trying Too Hard

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    Breaking News … according to Social Media people are talking.

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