Greatest-ier Ad Copy Ever

by Kerry Martin

With the launch of every new product, marketers include the same claims about what their revamped version can do.  Faster!  Better!  The most durable yet!

Are we supposed to forget that those same superlatives were used to pitch the product the last time?  Do these phrases really mean anything when consumers can count on the next product—think of how Apple announces its new releases—to be an upgraded version with ‘better,’ ‘faster’ features?

I came across this point of purchase display for new golf clubs and just had to smile.


TaylorMade is using these comparatives in such a direct (and of course, incorrect) way that it actually draws attention to its claims made about the previous club version.

Of course new products are going to use claims about being better than the prior version, but this tongue-in-cheek way of marketing is memorable for producing a chuckle.

One Response to Greatest-ier Ad Copy Ever

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