Biometrics: Part of the Line-up for Tonight’s Football Game?

by Julie Primrose
Tonight marks the official start of the NFL football season, and while most fans (myself included) are more concerned about researching their draft selections for Fantasy Football, some researchers are taking a much more in-depth approach to studying the sport’s viewers.

Professional and college sports of all kinds are big business, but sports advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry by itself. It’s no surprise that advertisers are stepping up their market-research tactics when the stakes are this high.

Austin-based Ad Lab has started using biometrics to determine viewers’ reactions to sports and the advertisements during those programs. Rather than relying on more traditional research methods such as having a viewer answer a subjective survey after watching a program, researchers are now collecting and analyzing viewers’ emotions during the game, using facial coding to tap into their true reactions to the game and ads.

While researchers mainly rely on a viewer’s smile as the most accurate measurement, this article in The Guardian explains how they have started going much more in-depth in their research. “Heart-rate and skin-temperature monitors measure how much attention the viewer is paying, how engaged he or she is with the content. The lab uses eye-tracking goggles and software to record where exactly people look when reading a website or watching television.”

Research has always been an integral part of any communications campaign. With this type of consumer-response research taking things to the next level though, it will be interesting to see the effect it has on marketers’ decisions. What do you think of using biometrics to make marketing and business decisions?

One Response to Biometrics: Part of the Line-up for Tonight’s Football Game?

  1. great post I am a big football fan from Sweden

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