Any attention is an opportunity to tell your own story.

by Kerry Martin

On a recent trip to visit my sister in Charleston, SC, she booked a walking ghost tour as a fun way for us to explore the historic downtown district.  Our tour guide came prepared with photos taken around a number of places, from restaurants to hotels to cemeteries.  A particular church’s graveyard that we walked by had somewhat of a famous story and photo to match.

Below you’ll see the image that he showed us:  in front of one of the gravestones is what appears to be a cloaked figure kneeling on the ground.


The story is that this image was taken exactly 99 years after the death of the person buried there:  a stillborn baby whose mournful mother died six days later and shares the grave.

Whether the photo is a fake or not, the tale left an impression on the group because everyone was pushing up against the bars of the fence to get a better view.  And that’s when I saw it … a great example of using every opportunity to tell a story.


With probably a dozen different ghost tours making their stop at this location, this is a church taking some perhaps unwanted attention and using it to showcase their statement of faith and bring in more parishioners.

Amen to their clever use of marketing!

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