Facebook with a Side of Hash

by Heather Keroes

Facebook recently “launched” hashtags, which wasn’t a huge surprise or even really a launch, as a number of users were already taking the popular form of expression from Twitter and using it elsewhere.  But now, these hashtags are active, searchable links, so it’s possible to track hashtag usage.

On Twitter, there’s an arguable purpose for hashtags, besides emphasis.  It’s possible to host chats and have a public conversation by searching for a specific hashtag.  Brands use this feature all the time.  It’s also a great way to track the latest words of wisdom from Amanda Bynes.

Here are the recommendations for Facebook hashtags, straight from the source.

While hashtags have a certain je ne sais quoi, I don’t understand yet how marketers can use them on Facebook to join and drive conversations.  The example shared by Facebook seems overly salesy and doesn’t take into account that many Facebook users’ statuses are private, meaning you can’t search for their hashtags in the first place.  Sure, Twitter profiles can be private as well, but in general, it’s a much more public medium.


I’ll end this blog post with a personal plea.  Hashtags lose their power when everything you write comes attached to a number sign.  Please use hashtags responsibly.

One Response to Facebook with a Side of Hash

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