No Guac for You!

by Kim Taylor

Hopefully you read that headline in the voice of the legendary Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld,” because standing at the counter last night at Chipotle reminded me of the famous episode.  Only, instead of yelling about soup, Chipotle was preempting orders for its delicious guacamole with this in-your-face sign.

I love everything about this approach to customer service.  It’s blunt and to the point, but then you read below the boldface print and you get a warm fuzzy feeling about their rationale for not serving lousy guacamole.  Frankly, it’s possible their GM just forgot to order avocados, but I don’t care.  The message is consistent with Chipotle’s brand and image of serving only the freshest ingredients (remember this Super Bowl commercial?), and even though their guac is my No. 1 reason for going in the first place, I decided to stay in line and order my salad sans avocado.


Customer service that’s authentic is sometimes as effortless as taping a sign to the glass.

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