Headline Crap

by Roger Pynn

Headlines aren’t anymore just what you see in print or on a web page.  A tweet can be a headline, too … and the one below from The Huffington Post deserves to get someone to the woodshed for a few whacks on the backside.


Follow the link and you’ll see that the story is about a university president who resigned after several contentious issues got in the way of her leadership … but she did not, as the tweet says, sell her school’s football stadium to a prison company.  As you’ll read, the school entered in a naming rights deal with a company that operates prisons on a commercial basis under government contracts.

Argue the concept of privately managed prisons on the editorial page … but for the sake of whatever credibility is left in journalism, be sure your headline writers and tweeters get it right – regardless of how they feel about the issue.

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