Twitter’s Not for Every Business

by Kim Taylor

Over the years, we’ve given clients advice about social media and whether it was right for their particular business.  In some industries, it just doesn’t make sense.  Maybe having a Twitter handle for a mechanical contractor isn’t the best communication method, for instance.

But then one day you stumble upon a Twitter feed for the most unlikely industry and question every hesitation you’d ever had.

Greenwood Cemetery, aka @OrlandoCemetery, has an official Twitter page.  In fact, Don Price, the cemetery’s sexton is big in social media.  He’s hosted Moonlight Strolls for Yelpers and manages the Twitter feed himself.

So, what does a cemetery tweet about, exactly?  Given the topic at hand, it’s rather lighthearted.  And, even though much of Don’s tweets are about the dead, they’re more of a history lesson about the City Beautiful.  Makes sense given Greenwood has been around since the 1880s.

Innovation in social media is still possible.  I guess you just have to think outside the box … the pine box.

2 Responses to Twitter’s Not for Every Business

  1. Love this post, and have enjoyed following Greenwood on Twitter since it started.

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