Who wants to go on a Carnival cruise?

Vianka2 by Vianka McConville

Will you take a cruise on a Carnival ship in light of what happened on the Carnival Triumph?

I’m going this weekend.

In all fairness, I booked my trip before the incident.  However, according to the Los Angeles Times, demand remains high for cruises despite the incident.

I embark on Saturday for a five-day journey around the Bahamas.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing trip.  I don’t usually second-guess customer service, but I fully expect staff to be on their A-game for sure.  I received an email earlier in the week from the president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines confirming my expectations.

Being a communicator, of course I analyzed what was written.  The email communicated:

– The cruise line deeply regrets the incident;

– All parties are working to confirm the issue that led to the incident; and,

– Vowed to work toward avoiding the incident in the future while thanking me for my support.

It seemed apologetic and sincere … I can get on board with that.

… Tune in next week to see if I survive.

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