MyLowe’s Remembers

Vianka2 by Vianka McConville

Store cards are either a blessing or a curse.  In closing the holiday season, I’m sure everyone feels one way or another.

Recent Lowe’s advertising pushes new benefits for their MyLowe’s card – no receipts needed for returns and tracking your purchase history.  A customer no longer has to remember the paint color they bought six months ago, MyLowe’s will remember instead.  The message points to making life easier.  It’s smart, but I think it could better.

I understand that using a store card automatically creates a purchase history, however, reminding me of that communicates I am actively participating in “Big Brother.”  Making my purchases searchable may help me, but it also makes me feel like I’m being watched … the card remembers everything.  Maybe I’m just a private person, but tweaking the words to empower the customer with the technology instead of empowering MyLowe’s makes a big difference.  I would stress that the customer can remember, not the card.

Current tagline:  “We scan.  MyLowe’s remembers.  Your life gets easier.”

Tweaked tagline:  “We scan.  You remember.  MyLowe’s makes life easier.”

Is it just me?


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