LinkedIn: The Solution to Our Workforce Problems?

by Julie Primrose

You may think of LinkedIn as a way to stay connected with old classmates and colleagues; find sales leads; or, search for jobs or potential job candidates.  This all means a lot for the way we do business but LinkedIn’s CEO has a much loftier goal for the social networking site, and it may be the answer to many regions’ workforce problems.

In this recent article, Ad Age reports that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner wants to digitize every job in the world, as well as the skills needed for those positions.  From that information, LinkedIn would be able to evaluate the “skills gap” in any given geographic area or industry.

There has been a lot of discussion about the problem of our nation’s skills gap, and colleges and universities already analyze where future jobs will be so they can invest in the appropriate degree programs.  Now LinkedIn wants to digitize the whole effort though, based on the data collected from its users.

Of course, this won’t be an exact science unless LinkedIn reaches 100 percent usage and is able to meet its goal of digitizing every job opening.  Here on Taking Aim, Kim Taylor recently discussed how social media may save education, and through LinkedIn, it now may also save our workforce (which is really two sides of the same coin).  So what do you think?  Can LinkedIn solve our workforce problems through social media?

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