Don’t Be a Pain

Vianka2By Vianka McConville

I cannot get the 1-800-411-PAIN jingle out of my head.  A recent ad in the form of a song written to a hip-hop tune has been playing nonstop on some Central Florida radio stations.  The repetitive words are so catchy I sing along by the end of the ad.  I can’t stand that.

I have never used 1-800-411-PAIN and I don’t plan to.  The ads are annoying.  I dislike the repetitive words, loud, blunt statements and the feeling that the point of the ad is to talk down to the listener. (Help me! I’m helpless!)  The big question is whether they are effective.

Ads like this might hook my attention, but they don’t leave a positive lasting impression.  I might remember the jingle, but if I’m not willing to buy the product it’s wasted advertising dollars on their part.  My hope would be that we can come up with something even more effective … or maybe I’m just not the target audience and I have to live with that.

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