Important Stuff(ing)

by Dan Ward

When families gather over a Thanksgiving meal, expressions of thankfulness are often followed by gluttony-fueled arguments over seemingly meaningless topics. That certainly is true with our work family, as a brawl nearly broke out during the Curley & Pynn Thanksgiving potluck over the correct usage of the terms “stuffing” and “dressing.”

Roger argued that the difference is whether the side dish is used to stuff the bird. Kim and I responded that it had more to do with geography (I never heard the word “dressing” until I moved from Michigan to Florida). The rest of the team argued that we should shut up and eat.

For the sake of lunchtime peace and team unity, we agreed to table the discussion, but I have since conducted extensive online research (looking at an entire page of Google results) and have found that the disagreement extends far beyond the walls of C&P.

As professional communicators, we have a duty to solve this issue. If we don’t lead, no one will. Nature abhors a vacuum (as do cats), and without clear and decisive action to fill this particular vacuum of knowledge, more and more families will be forced to fend for themselves when it comes to naming that bowl of moistened bread and herbs, and more arguments will ensue.

There is perhaps no better way to reach consensus on such a topic than to conduct a thoroughly unscientific poll. Please help us solve this pressing issue.

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