Can Social Media Save Education?

by Kim Taylor

When you see statistics like this, you can understand why many feel there’s an urgent need for change.  But, perhaps those same folks are wondering how they can help.  Enter, UNDROPPABLE.

If you follow @Jason_Pollock on Twitter (100,000+ do), you may’ve already seen the # UNDROPPABLE hashtag.   Pollock—known for his documentary following four teens on their quest for public office—is behind the social campaign to shine a positive light on students who have succeeded in the face of great adversity.

The campaign is building steam with more than 75 videos on its YouTube channel, nearly 2,000 followers to the @UNDROPPABLE Twitter account, close to 1,000 likes on Facebook and media mentions from heavy hitters like Time,, USA Today and Fast Company.

Given the powerful impact social media has had on issues across the world, do you think a campaign like UNDROPPABLE can save education?

One Response to Can Social Media Save Education?

  1. […] its goal of digitizing every job opening.  Here on Taking Aim, Kim Taylor recently discussed how social media may save education, and through LinkedIn, it now may also save our workforce (which is really two sides of the same […]

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