Trend-spotting for the Next Big Thing

by Kerry Martin

I like to think I have a pulse on what’s popular in today’s culture.  Being able to spot trends in the market is a skill most communicators value so as to better relate to target audiences and anticipate social changes.  But after hearing from one of the speakers at Orlando Inc.’s B.I.G. Summit (which stands for Business, Innovation and Growth), I realized I might be a little farther behind the curve than I thought.

The speaker was Jeremy Gutsche, founder of, the online collection of all things cool.  The site filters emerging trends from around the world ranging from fashion to technology to business and design.  While the average user could describe it as the Pinterest for innovative ideas, Jeremy saw the potential of the site to serve as one big tool for market research.  And with close to a billion views, major brands can gain serious insight to what is on the cutting-edge.

How often have you wanted to get ahead of market trends for the next big idea, but what one person could possibly predict some of the ideas that made it big?  (Honestly, the Snuggie was a backward robe…)  Just leave it to crowdsourcing to serve as the barometer for what’s hot or not.

It’s quite interesting to explore a site like this and see things that could become future brands, styles, products and items permeating our modern culture.  Even more interesting would be to follow the trends on the site and see how they become adopted by our culture—whether through social media, major retailers or just influencers who carry it past the tipping point (ahh … another thinker, another post).

But you have to hand it to Mr. Gutsche.  His big idea was a way of finding the next big idea.

2 Responses to Trend-spotting for the Next Big Thing

  1. Trend Hunter says:

    Hey Kerry – Thanks for featuring Trend Hunter!

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