How Can I Take You Seriously in Flip Flops?

by Kim Taylor

Not a day goes by that I don’t see people walking into the building sloppily dressed, many in Flip Flops.  I get it.  You don’t see customers or clients and your job isn’t public-facing.  But, you see your co-workers, your boss … heck, even the UPS man wears sneakers.

Maybe, just maybe, you work in a creative industry and you’re inspired by toes.  (Eww)  But, come on, if you’re a business professional, dress like one.  Nobody’s asking that you don a Brooks Brothers suit every day, but a closed-toe shoe never hurt anyone.

Last I checked there were no lifeguards on duty around here.

3 Responses to How Can I Take You Seriously in Flip Flops?

  1. Kim,

    Why stop with flip flops? What about ink? Piercings? Augmentation?

    I speak on personal branding to university students and small business owners. Everything you do that affects another’s perception represents your brand.

    If you make the choice to represent your personal brand in a flip manner… you better be prepared to own it. Everything you do, say and display has consequences.

    Personally, I own it. Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes… シ

    Jay http://About.Me/JayMassey

    • There’s a big difference between artistic expression (piercings, tattoos, etc.)–whether you agree with a person’s choice of said expression–and exposing your feet to those you work with. Many people aren’t kind to their feet and I personally am not interested in hairy toes and calluses while I’m at work. It’s an employer’s choice not to hire someone because of a pierced nose or eyebrow or visible tattoos, but shoe’s shouldn’t even be a question. All my opinion, of course.

  2. I’m looking to free my toes… I’ve been wearing closed-toe shoes for the past 13 years…. I think it’s time to set them free. I agree with Jay life is too short for uncomfortable shoes.

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