Another One Bites the Dust

by Dan Ward

Last month, Roger Pynn wrote about the demise of the print edition of SmartMoney magazine.

While that news was certainly big (and depressing), it didn’t have the global impact of today’s decision by Newsweek to end its 79-year print run as an iconic source of news and information.

Even though I’m a former subscriber (former because of the magazine’s slide toward opinionated journalism, an oxymoron up there with jumbo shrimp), I’m still saddened by the magazine’s demise.

Like Roger, I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the news.  Sure, I enjoy my Wall Street Journal app, and frequently read news on various online sites, but nothing beats sitting back with a print newspaper or magazine, which still provide greater depth than any electronic resource.

Even though I’m no longer a fan, Newsweek, you’ll still be missed.          

One Response to Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Roger says:

    I miss real journalism a lot more than all the impostors that are dying a digital death in an age crowded with opinionaters.

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