“We’re Sorry” Works

by Roger Pynn

I wrote the other day about the value of owning your mistakes.  Apple CEO Tim Cook did just that when he owned up to the problems with the new map app for the iPhone 5, writing a letter that not only assumed responsibility for the problem but suggested his customers use someone else’s app until Apple gets it right.

Pretty risky?

Not if you look at the numbers.

CNET’s Casey Newton wrote today that after almost a week consumers seem to be sticking it out with Apple’s admittedly frustrating and substandard attempt to knock off Google’s map app. Cook went so far in his apology to suggest competing products iPhone owners could turn to (Bing and Waze, specifically) and even gave instructions on how to create a screen icon to link to Google’s Web app.  Remember … this all started with Apple kicking Google Maps off the iPhone, where it has been since day one.

Newton reports that Bing and Waze got an initial spike in downloads, but much like a post-convention bounce for presidential candidates, everything seems to be returning to normal.  Kudos to Tim Cook and his colleagues at Apple for owning the problem.

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