Smart money?

by Roger Pynn

Not that I’ve been a devoted fan, but I was really saddened by the cover of this month’s SmartMoney magazine – the last, it turns out, that The Wall Street Journal will ever publish … in print, that is.  It stood out at me from a CVS magazine rack and said “you’re a dinosaur, too.”

I actually subscribe to Kiplinger’s (and I suppose this means I should be worried about that), which is among the many publications in the personal finance space.  Perhaps it became too crowded.  Hopefully some will survive.

As I skimmed through this “commemorative issue,” I realized that perhaps I should have been a fan.

Go out and buy a copy … not because it will change Rupert Murdoch’s mind about forcing you to its online survivor, but because it really has some classic articles about what brought this all about and why the world will never be not only “the same,” but anything even remotely resembling what we were accustomed to 20 years ago when SmartMoney first hit the scene.

The Jetsons would be so happy.  You can just see their dog Astro or Rosie their robot maid rushing out to pick up the daily iPad and delivering it to George.  Surely by now he would have an app that would let him do his job (turning R.U.D.I. on and off) remotely.

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