The 3 Most Important Letters

by Roger Pynn

OK … so maybe I am three years late (I was behind 6,602,863 other who had viewed Simon Sinek’s presentation to TEDX in 2009) – but I felt like I’d finally met the person I’d been quoting all my adult life.

Sinek’s Golden Circle is built around the three most important letters in our language: WHY?

Since the day I left journalism in 1974 I’ve said the most important of the 5 W’s that journalists use (Who, What, When, Where and Why) is the one they usually don’t ask … or at least fail to understand. It doesn’t matter who did what or when and where they did it if we don’t understand why they did it.

Sinek brilliantly explains why “why” is the driving force … particularly in determining leadership: political, intellectual and commercial leadership. Don’t take my word for it. Invest 18 minutes. (With thanks to my early adopter Business Partner Kim Taylor for sharing this wonderful experience.)

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